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Behaviour Consultations

What is it for? 
All dogs are highly individual, even those from the same breed. Their life experiences, environment and individual temperaments will affect the way that they deal with certain situations. Some dogs are better at dealing with these and some dogs struggle – just like us. For those that struggle, sometimes a small issue can get seemingly out of hand and over time, can eventually lead to a breakdown in the relationship between you and your dog. 


Behaviour consultation programmes are for owners struggling to deal with their dog’s abnormal behaviour, such as fear or aggression when meeting other dogs or people, problems when being left alone or general fear and anxieties. Together we will work on strengthening your relationship with your dog. Behaviour problems are more complex than basic training issues which is why the approach is different and more in depth. With all consultations, I take a holistic approach, looking into every aspect of the dog’s life, looking at the bigger picture so that together we have every chance of gaining a successful outcome.

How does it work? 
Some behavioural issues can take a while to work through and it is important not to rush things. 

In order for me to determine the best possible programme for you and your dog, it is essential to carry out an initial consultation which will last approximately one and a half hours. 


The consultation will include both theory and practical work to get you started. You will also receive a behaviour training plan and report of the consultation by email. The initial consultation is not a replacement for but creates the perfect foundation for ongoing behaviour modification work. At the end of the consultation, an ongoing support programme will be recommended to you based on the level of support determined to be most effective for you and your dog.


Support Programmes give you the ultimate support with your behaviour training.  Rather than visit you for one session and then leave you to it, I will be there to help and support you throughout the whole journey so that you can achieve the best possible results knowing that you are not on your own.

What does it cost? 

Initial Consultation (1.5-2 hours) £150*

Ongoing Support Programmes from £150 per month (minimum 2 months)*

What locations are covered?

I am based in Marden (TN12) and will travel to surrounding areas in Kent. If you live further away or would prefer training online, please get in touch.

If you would like to enquire about behaviour programmes, please email: or hit the 'contact' button below.

*Terms and conditions apply

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